Trevino's Gymnastics School has been teaching gymnastics since it opened 1985.

  Treviño's Gymnastics School has been in business for over  30 years. We are nationally known for our quality programs and the performance of our competitive teams. Each of our staff, from our preschool coaches to our team coaches, are thoroughly trained through the USA Gymnastics Federation in safety and fundamental gymnastics courses. This allows us to offer you a well rounded program and provide your child consistent instruction from 18 months of age on up to the team level. If gymnastics is not your desire, then check out our cheer tumbling and parkour classes. Many of our coaches are diverse in other areas of acrobatic sports and offer their instruction in these areas as well.

Treviño's Gymnastics School is owned and operated by Rich and Marilyn Treviño and has been in business since 1983. It is nationally known for the quality of their program and the performance of their competitive teams.

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