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Wednesday 10:00 AM

Wednesday 4:30 PM
Wednesday 5:35 PM Wednesday 6:40 PM

Preschool classes

Our preschool classes are designed to help your child build their self confidence, strength, and coordination in a fun and progressive environment. We incorporate skills such as running, jumping, and climbing in combination with gymnastics skills and drills that help strengthen and condition your child for future success. We understand children will rise to challenges and perform to expectations and we strive to create an environment where your child's success is encouraged and achieved.

Monday 5:35 PM Monday 6:40 PM

Friday 4:30 PM Friday 5:30 PM

Thursday 4:30 PM
Thursday 5:35 PM Thursday 6:40 PM


Tuesday 4:30 PM Tuesday 5:35PM Tuesday 6:40 PM

Please Call 972-223-0167 for availability and to schedule your class!