Tuesday 5:35 PM Tuesday 6:40 PM Tuesday 7:45 PM


Friday 5:30 PM Friday 6:30 PM

Tuesday 7:45 PM

Please Call 972-223-0167 for availability and to schedule your class!

Intermediate/ Advance

Wednesday 4:00 PM

Wednesday 5:35 PM 
Wednesday 6:40 PM

Thursday 4:30 PM

Monday 7:45 PM

tumbling classes

Monday 6:40 PM Monday 6:40 PM Monday 7:45 PM

Wednesday 4:30 PM
Wednesday 5:35 PM Wednesday 6:40 PM


Thursday 5:35 PM

 These classes are designed to be age and level appropriate and can be taken at a developmental level or with a goal of becoming a competitive tumbler on one of our tumbling and trampoline teams. They can also assist athletes of other sports by increasing their body awareness, coordination, balance, and strength. 

Friday 6:30 PM

Thursday 7:45 PM (Invite )

Saturday 9:00 AM